Don't gamble with your safety. The stakes are too high.

Seasonal Safety Tips


Being Prepared for an Emergency

Sergeant Bob’s Emergency Series

While major incidents are rare in Canada, emergencies can happen with little warning. Don’t panic. Simply spend a little time and effort now to prepare for an emergency such as severe weather, major electrical interruptions or pandemic / quarantine restrictions.


Staying Warm In A Winter Blackout

Sergeant Bob’s Emergency Series

Basic safety tips concerning portable indoor heaters, and outdoor gas/diesel generators.


Cottage Security & Personal Safety

Keep yourself, your family, and your investment safe, in summer, or off-season.


Safe Summer Driving

Ensuring the safety of the driver, occupants and the vehicle itself is no accident.


Emergency Plan Review

Sergeant Bob’s Emergency Series

What worked well during the first three days of the blackout of December 2013.


Motorcycle Group Riding

Before you hit the open road, review a few commonly overlooked safety issues.


These safety tips are for informational purposes only. Following them may decrease, but will not eliminate, risk of loss. Neither The McLennan Group Insurance Inc. or The McLennan Group Life Insurance Inc. shall be liable for any loss or damage arising out of any use of these tips.

  • We are very proud to work with retired Police Sergeant Bob Paterson, and help promote his tireless efforts on behalf of the personal safety and security of all Canadians 50-plus. Like Sergeant Bob, we’re here for your protection.


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