Don't gamble with your safety. The stakes are too high.

Seasonal Safety Tips


Winter Tire Safety Reminder for Snowbirds

Something to think about next winter: if you install dedicated winter tires on your vehicle but then plan a driving trip to the sunny south, do you leave the winter tires on, or gamble with summer tires? While winter tires will wear slightly on the journey, road conditions in the north and central U.S. are frequently as bad as in Canada. And consider these factors:

  1. The severity and frequency of recent extreme weather events.
  2. The ability of local crews to respond in storms decreases the further south you drive.
  3. Most southern drivers don’t have winter driving experience, so give yourself an advantage.

Don’t risk being stranded or worse. Keep winter tires on your vehicle November to April!

Cottage Security & Personal Safety

Keep yourself, your family, and your investment safe, in summer, or off-season.


Staying Warm in a Winter Blackout

During the winter an electrical interruption can become a major health and safety risk.


Safe Summer Driving

Ensuring the safety of the driver, occupants and the vehicle itself is no accident.


Winter Driving Survival Guide

Understand the special conditions that put drivers at risk during the winter.


These safety tips are for informational purposes only. Following them may decrease, but will not eliminate, risk of loss. Neither The McLennan Group Insurance Inc. or The McLennan Group Life Insurance Inc. shall be liable for any loss or damage arising out of any use of these tips.

  • We are very proud to work with retired Police Sergeant Bob Paterson, and help promote his tireless efforts on behalf of the personal safety and security of all Canadians 50-plus. Like Sergeant Bob, your protection is our priority.


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